Thursday, May 7, 2009

H1N1...or "another blow to the pork industry"

I am getting a little off-topic, but until I am ready for a vegan/Chicago-centric post, here are two tidbits of info related to "swine flu."

#1 - A video about proper hand washing technique. The nurse in the video is my mom, and she loves pandemics.

#2 -

Let's not freak out about swine flu. Egpyt decided to kill all their pigs last week, without any reported H1N1 cases in the country. This just doesn't make sense, and it hurts humans as well as little piglets.

Last night my dear friend M reported that her roommate works with someone who has a confirmed case of H1N1. Please do not tell my mother.

Product of the Day: Speaking of mothers, Vegecagoan's product of the day is Best Bath Store's "She Is Seriously Spoiled" gift basket (check out the price tag, it is "serious.") Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th people.

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