Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big changes

Hello Vegecagoans!
Big announcement: I have recently left the Second City for the greener pastures of Denver. I have a few posts left to do on some of my Chicago experiences, but obviously my blog content will change dramatically from here on out.
My revised goal for the blog is to come up with easy meals and fun treats just to give you some ideas that you might not have thought of yourself. I'll also be talking about the vegan experience in Denver, but it's so easy to be vegan here that my blog would not be very interesting if these were the only entries.
Case in point: on Saturday night I tagged along with some non-vegans for ice cream at Sweet Action (52 Broadway), and much to my surprise Sweet Action had two flavors of vegan ice cream on the menu. They also had some vegan ice cream sandwiches available. That's right, I said vegan ice cream sandwiches! I love Denver. But where is the challenge??

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